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At the root of every successful company is the leadership. Hollison Custom Homes is owned and directed by Scott Lynch. Since 1991, Scott has participated in all areas of the residential real estate development, construction, and sales processes. He is licensed as a home building contractor, general contractor, and real estate broker all in the state of South Carolina.

Throughout the building process, Scott will personally supervise the design, construction, feature selection, quality control and warranty of the home. He believes that combining creative design with considerations to the homeowner’s needs and lifestyle will result in a uniquely personal home. If you don’t believe us, check out our customer’s testimonials or visit www.houzz.com!

Green Building

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“Green Building” encompasses ALL areas and degrees of construction practices, designs, materials, and mechanical systems. Accreditation can come from a number of associations including Energy Star, LEED, CGO etc. We are Certified Green Building Professionals and are capable of building out homes to meet any standard of an accreditation agency. We choose to approach “Green Building” similarly to how we approach the entire custom home building process. This means defining the needs and goals of each homeowner and developing a “Green Building Plan” to meet requirements.

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Answers to a Few Common Questions

What makes Hollison Custom Homes different from other local custom builders?

Simply stated: personal attention and transparency. Scott Lynch is the owner and will be your initial contact. You will work directly with Scott throughout the site-selection, construction and warranty process. This personal and direct contact reduces the possibility of miscommunication and potential errors. Also, the owner’s feelings and important concerns are much more clearly communicated and understood by both Scott and his subcontractor’s.

Who will be supervising the construction of my home?

Scott Lynch. Over the past 25 years, he has developed a reliable and consistent selection process and scheduling system based on open communication, reasonable expectations and proven results.  Through the use of simple scheduling techniques, asking the proper questions and establishing attainable time tables your home will be built with the best possible materials, by the best local subcontractors and delivered on schedule.

 How are upgrades and changes made to my home?

The home building industry has been stigmatized by homeowner experiences relating to excessive change order charges.   We feel that by allowing our subcontractors to communicate directly with our homeowners differentiates us.   By allowing our subcontractors to share all costs, prices and information directly with our homeowners the entire process is enhanced.  Homeowners feel much more informed and are able to make decisions much quicker.  The result is a very organized and smooth selection process.  We will never perform any work that incurs additional charges to the owner with an approval. The additional costs or credits are simply accounted for and the overall net cost difference is collected or refunded at the completion of the home.  It is that simple.  No change orders every time you make a choice.

Describe the relationship between Hollison and it’s subcontractors and suppliers?

Scott Lynch has been building in Greenville since 1995.  During that time he has assembled our team of subcontractors.   Our relationship is truthful and long-lasting. We treat each other honestly and with respect.  We feel we are the best home building team in the upstate. Every team member works hard, pays attention to detail and greatly appreciated.  Scott works on every house year after year not only with the owners of the subcontractors, he works every day with the hard-working employees.  Scott prides himself on the relationship he has with all members of our team.


See What Our Clients Are Raving About

Brian Larkin

"All aspects of the project were completed above and beyond our expectation level. Scott made great recommendations and has been available for follow up when needed."

Joseph Lancia

"We were very pleased with the total process from start to finish. We built a large house in 9 months with almost no punch list. Scotts attention to detail is fantastic."

Winston McGee

"Scott Lynch builds a "First Class" custom home! He is hands on during all phases of construction, and ensures the job is done right. His homes can be seen in the finest neighborhoods in the Greenville area."

Yazbeck Parrales

"Scott is one of the few honest builders and people in the residential building industry in Greenville, SC. I have known Mr. Lynch for over 18 years and I will recommend him and his company to any person that wants to build a really and truly beautiful custom home."

Chris Delahoussaye

"He was easy to work with and was on the job every day. We would highly recommend Scott to build your home."

William Turner

"We began with an idea and a floor plan that was close to our wishes. Scott listened, recommended alternatives, and after decision making, we put the wheels in motion."

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