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Overall the trend towards building "Green" has been very good for the entire industry and for our homeowners. However, a common problem arises with such a broad topic. The topic is so general that it can become very confusing. "Green Building" encompasses ALL areas and degrees of the construction and development process ranging from the inital plan design to the final cleaning of the home. The topic reaches all construction practices, designs, materials and mechanical systems. Nothing has been exempted. Adding to the confusion are multiple accredidation associations (i.e. Energy Star, LEED, CGP, etc.) and degrees of "Green Building" (Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze). It can become very difficult to determine what is best suited for each case.

We are Certified Green Building Professionals and are capable of building our homes to meet any standard of any accredidation agency. We choose to approach "Green Building" similarly to how we approach the entire custom home building process. We define what the needs and goals of our homeowners are and develop a "Green Building Plan" to meet those requirements. Effective and honest communication can easily narrow the very broad topic to a manageable and understandable topic. We have found that through informing and educating our homeowners we are able to remove the confusion and deliver to our customers the most cost effective and energy efficient home building systems that enhance our homes, bringing satistaction to our homeowners.

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